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Tow tractors
The vast majority of goods are stored and moved using conventional unit load carriers such as pallets. However, in certain applications
the use of load carriers that are more suited to the goods being handled can improve efficiency and drive down costs. This often involves the use of towing tractors which, by transporting a train of loads, can offer increased flexibility and efficiency compared to forklift trucks, which would require many trips to move the same amount, taking far more time in the process.
Tow tractors and more specialized load carriers can be found in a wide range of applications, from factories and warehouses to ports and airports. Multiple load handling using towing tractors is particularly efficient in manufacturing and logistics applications, cutting transportation time and costs significantly by requiring fewer trucks and operators to move a given amount in a given time. Fewer trucks and journeys also means greater safety.

pefra Tractor range of industrial tow tractors includes models that are compact stand-in electric trucks ideal for indoor use.
The rider-seated models is a comprehensive range of electric and engine-powered models for applications demanding
longer travel distances and greater towing capacities.

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