Products Introduction


We are a company that manufactures multifunctional articulated compact mini loaders located in the Northern part of Italy, closed to Venice.CAST GROUP manufactures and sells “PIXY” : multifunctional articulated compact mini loaders, equipped with telescopic boom . Our range of products is focused on 3 models with 23 and 38 HP available in different versions, basic or full optional. All featuring ISUZU engines. Their weight below 1200 kg with a tipping load of about 750 kg . They all mount 4WD hydrostatic drive, with differential control. We offers also a new and very innovative machine with 4 steering wheels and articulated chassis PIXY 45T , with a loading capacity of Kg. 1000 @ 3,30 meters height ! Many attachments can be coupled to our machine and this makes of PIXY a multifunctional loader.
Perfect asset between weight and measures of the machine
Flexibility on customer’s need
Price, quality and performances in perfect balance
Low maintenance costs.
Easy to service
What we offer Our Mini loaders : thanks to a very reduced weight and dimensions, to the articulated chassis and the four-wheel drive, our “PIXY” can be used quite easily both by professional and non-professional people in any different work-field (landscaping, gardening maintenance, animal breeding, municipal ‘ maintenance , construction and many others more). Frame, components , accessories are high quality made