Products Introduction

Pefra Trolley

PEFRA GROUP as a company originated in 1946, when Franz Peschler founded the “Peschler automotive factory” in Moosburg. Initially the product line consisted of small handcarts and trolleys but the company soon saw the need for flexible transport systems in the post-WWII economy. Planning and production of trailers and electrical vehicles commenced. All necessary parts – e.g. wheels, brakes, transmissions – were produced locally, according to the economical zeitgeist of the era. The resolution to pursue this policy while simultaneously expanding the enterprise, alas, led to bankrupcty in 1995. PEFRA (PLC) was able to successfully establish and hold its current market position against the rising influx of cheap products from a globalising market . In the meantime PEFRA has established itself in the market with a reputation for its outstanding and innovative technical solutions.
This constant high standard which we produce is

valued highly by our long-term customers who return to us in the knowledge that they receive products of the enduring
quality and reliability that has made PEFRA the reputable company that it is today.