After Sales Service Dept

Repairs of diesel, gas and dual fuel forklifts

First, learn how to properly maintain a forklift to avoid damage to this device. To avoid excessive costs, the forklift operator must be fully aware of the forklift maintenance rules.If you have encountered the problem of forklift failure, “read on”: please note:

  • Forklift indicators shows the occurrence of danger in its system, So we have to make sure that it is in circuit.
  • Corroding and rotting of the protective layer of the hydraulic hose leads to water leakage and creates danger for the forklift. If you see it, repair and replace the covers as soon as possible.
  • Forklift tires are available in two types, pneumatic and super, depending on the type and working environment. If the tire crotch reaches the marked safety line, the tire crotch reaches and changes the shape of the tire, replace it.
  • Disturbances in the gearbox, differential, wheel hubs and increasing the temperature of the gearbox oil cause damage to the forklift system.
  • To change the gear, it is better to hold the clutch pedal first and after a short stop, change the gear.
  • Slippery and heavy objects should be kept with chains or belts to the forklift’s guard.
  • You should pay attention to the smoke coming out of the forklift, hydraulic oil leakage, water leakage from the engine and its unusual sound.
  • The presence of sound when braking, the imbalance of the forklift and the unpleasant smell indicate the presence of danger.
  • Fuel sitting, strange and unusual noise from the gearbox and differential are other signs of malfunctioning in the forklift system.-        The forklift engine that burns oil is first returned and the cost of parts and services are provided to the customer, and then repairs are made.