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Bertinex, a North Italian Company, is a reference point at International level in the particular market of machinery and equipment to be used in environments classified at explosive atmosphere.

The main Bertinex's activity is to flameproof convert forklifts, floorwashers, lifting platforms, building machinery and electric equipment for various uses, to be able to operate in areas with risk of inflammability or explosion.

This particular work is subject to International Directives and Standards, which must be complied with respect to the realized flameproof conversion technology.

The conformity of every flameproof conversion must be certified by specific Notified Bodies, authorized for the Ex Certification, in compliance with the applied Flameproof Standards. Bertinex Internal Production quality process is certified and periodically tested by one of the most prestigious Notified Body for Ex Certification in Europe.

Bertinex strategy is to make for the end-users clear and comprehensive the specific matter of flameproofing, which is often complex, owing to the various standards to be interpreted.

The approach of Bertinex to the European and Extre-European markets wants to be a support to construction companies, resalers, and users of flameproofed machines, plants and units, to whom we can offer our advice to meet their specific requirements.

The flameproof conversion is a "tailer suit" prepared for the Customer and complying with the requested standards and with the technical specifications of the product to be flameproofed..

Two are the basic groups of flameproofed products:

- Group I  - for use underground (tunnels with presence of natural gas or coal mines);

- Group II - for use in industial environment (chemical, pharmaceutical, colours, offshore  industries).

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