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We are a company that manufactures multifunctional articulated compact mini loaders located in the Northern part of Italy, closed to Venice.

CAST GROUP manufactures and sells "PIXY" : multifunctional articulated compact mini loaders, equipped with telescopic boom .
Our range of products is focused on 3 models with 23 and 38 HP available in different versions, basic or full optional. All featuring ISUZU engines. Their weight below 1200 kg with a tipping load of about 750 kg . They all mount 4WD hydrostatic drive, with differential control.
We offers also a new and very innovative machine with 4 steering wheels and articulated chassis
PIXY 45T , with a loading capacity of Kg. 1000 @ 3,30 meters height !
Many attachments can be coupled to our machine and this makes of PIXY a multifunctional loader.

What we offer
Our Mini loaders : thanks to a very reduced weight and dimensions, to the articulated chassis and the four-wheel drive, our “PIXY” can be used quite easily both by professional and non-professional people in any different work-field (landscaping, gardening maintenance, animal breeding, municipal ' maintenance , construction and many others more).
Frame, components , accessories are high quality made
- Perfect asset between weight and measures of the machine
- Flexibility on customer's need
- Price, quality and performances in perfect balance
- Reliability
- Low maintenance costs.
- Easy to service

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