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Boscaro is a solid and dynamic Italian firm engaged in the design, manufacturing and marketing of construction equipment.
Product development involves research using modern data-processing systems that guarantee reliable calculations and drawings. Each product then undergoes severe real world testing before it is introduced to the market.
All Boscaro products are produced inside a controlled quality control environment and are made of high quality steel. All products are produced first and foremost with work safety in mind and to meet and/or exceed all specified EEC and ASME directives
• 5,500 square meters of production plant;
• Introduction of new products every year;
• 130 products in our current catalogue;
• Supplier to 25 European countries and growing;
• Supplier to Canada and the United States of America;
• Many overseas nations constantly served;
• 60% of Boscaro production is now manufactured for export markets;
• Participation in four international trade shows every year.

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