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Founded in 1970, Rozzi S.p.a made a name for itself into the production of hydraulic and electrohydraulic equipment for the materials handling industry. Leader on the Italian market, it exports a great part of its production in Europe and in a large number of non-European Countries. Numerous dealers support Rozzi's marketing all over the world. The specific knowledge of this sector, the use of special steels, the continuous technological improvement and a qualified staff in charge of its planning, warrant quality, reliability and security of the product.
Truck cranes, loaders, excavators, dockside cranes, self-propelled cranes and overhead cranes of the best marks are assembled with Rozzi equipment which satisfies any lifting and handling needs.
The main products
•    polyp-grabs for scrap, waste, paper and blocks
•    clamshells for digging and loading
•    grabs for timber and different materials
•    sorting and demolition grabs
•    worm augers
•    hydraulic rotators and joints
•    equipment for the building industry, agriculture, metallurgy and for the railway sector.

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