A comprehensive range of approved spares enables first-time-fix by our engineers, no matter which truck needs servicing or repair.
We offer parts identification systems and UK availability in excess of 96 per cent, combined with in-night delivery, ensuring maximum uptime and minimum cost of repair for all critical and routine applications.
Using advanced fault-finding techniques backed up by Lindos parts identification technology – and with 300,000 parts to choose from – every truck model at every customer location can benefit from approved sourcing, supply and parts distribution systems.
Whether used within asset managed trucks or sold directly to user-distributors, parts are approved for use in every application and are the only parts guaranteed fit for purpose
Customers can have complete confidence in the specification, tolerance and longevity of each part in every application, while total cost of ownership and uptime performance are optimized by matching application requirements with spare part quality and durability characteristics.
Applying premium quality parts throughout the life cycle of each Linde truck safeguards the reliability and efficiency of the equipment. This in turn drives down operational costs and optimizes business performance.

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