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Construction of some main ways as commanded by Darius the Great (500 B.C) were started by Iranian MEHRIZANSand also some inlet (canal) between Sina and Egypt desert (today’s Suez canal) were designed

(quoted in Darius party in Pars inlet., the meaning of MEHRIZwould be related to engineers and constructors).

Mehrizan Industrial Development Company (MID Co.) established in 1997 and started its activity in the following fields, production and assembly of industrial electric motors and gearboxes. Due to the high industrial demands for material handling equipments & systems with the purpose of consulting and providing the best method in material handling solutions, we began studying and investigating about the best brands of the most well- known, long lasting with best quality according to latest technology of the famous brands. After that we embarked the sole agent from great European companies, to eliminate the demands of industries by presenting the high quality products and transferring the up to date technology ( know how ),to the country for preventing the waste of national capital due to presentation of low quality components.

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