The After-Sales Service Department of Mehrizan Industrial Development

operates from a spacious facility spanning over four thousand square meters, strategically located at the heart of the country’s industrial hub at Karaj Makhsoos Road )Karaj Special Road), next to well-known industries i.e., M/s Iran Khodro , Saipa , Pars Khodro , Arj Industries, Benz & BMW Representative, AryaSasol Polymer Company.
This department comprises distinct units, including repair engineering, mechanical and hydraulic repair shops, electrical and electronic repair facilities, and a well-equipped spare parts warehouse with regular monthly inventory updates, all supported by advanced storage software.
Mehrizan takes pride in its state-of-the-art hardware facilities and employs specialized troubleshooting software. Leveraging the expertise of engineers and technicians trained in the educational centers of the parent companies, Mehrizan offers a range of services to its esteemed customers, including:

Conducting service operations through both fixed and mobile units equipped with advanced repair tools and fault-finding software.

Performing major repairs, including overhauls.

Offering services during warranty periods (500, 1000, 2000 hours) and after-warranty periods.

Providing the option of deploying repair personnel on a permanent basis at the customer’s location through service and maintenance contracts, with the added benefit of EM service on a credit basis.

Ensuring prompt technical and repair services upon receiving customer requests, in the shortest possible time.

Supplying wear and tear & and high-consumption spare parts within 24 to 48 hours from the Tehran warehouse.

Providing parts and after-sales service for 10 years.

Utilizing advanced engineering methods, including the diagnosis of hydraulic and electronic circuits through simulation software provided by manufacturers.
Implementing cutting-edge methodologies and leveraging CRM software to optimize and enhance customer relationship management.
Providing repairs in the form of PM (Preventive Maintenance), EM (Emergency Maintenance), and CM (Corrective Maintenance).

Offering consulting services on repairs and manufacturer-recommended parts lists based on requested operating hours.

Conducting operator training courses.

Undertaking specialized repairs for various boards and electronic circuits of road construction machines, forklifts, etc.

Facilitating battery recovery and specialized charger repairs.
Also, Mehrizan Company excels in offering parts, services, and repairs for Linde, Komatsu, Toyota, Caterpillar, Still, and a variety of electric, LPG, and Diesel forklifts, Merlo Telehandlers and Automixer (Self-Loading Concrete Mixer), Ferrari truck mounted cranes.