Spare Parts Department

Mehrizan Company is the leading supplier of spare parts for renowned Material Handling and Construction Equipment and is dedicated to providing the required parts in the shortest possible time.
Leveraging cutting-edge software, Mehrizan consistently maintains a ready supply of customer-demanded parts at its warehouse.
At Mehrizan, customer satisfaction is paramount, and our Supply team is dedicated to ensuring the availability of fast-moving parts, particularly for Linde Forklifts, Merlo Telehandlers and Auto Mixers, SWF Cranes, and much more at its warehouse.
Mehrizan ensures abundant stocks of high-demand and standard parts at its warehouse.
For specialized or low-demand parts, swift supply is guaranteed. Moreover, our warehouse operates on a consumption-based charging model and is synced with the point of usage.

Using original and premium-quality parts throughout the equipment’s lifecycle ensures reliability and efficiency while reducing maintenance costs and downtimes.