Supplying Various types of Valves for Oil – Gas & Petrochemical plants, Offshore, Shipbuilding ,….

We supply high quality valves conforming to most demanding international standards to various industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Plants, Power & Desalination Plants, Offshore, Shipbuilding, and the like.
The various types of valves are based on the requirement of buyers from Casting or Forged Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex steel, etc. conforming with international standard (API & ANSI & ASME) with adequate capability to withstand high pressure applications.


• Ball Valve
2pc Ball Valve
3pc Ball Valve
3-way Ball Valve
Jacket Ball Valve

• Butterfly Valve

• Gate Valve
Bolted Bonnet
PSB Type

• Globe Valve
Bolted Bonnet
PSB Type

• Swing Check v/v
Bolted Cover
PSC Type

• Pan Check v/v
Screwed Type
Wafer Type

• Wafer Check v/v
Single Disc
Dual Disc

• Knife Gate v/v

• Plug Valve

• Forged Valve
Bellows Type
Check Valve
Gate Valve
Globe Valve
Y-Globe Valve

• Water Works v/v
Air Valve
Flap Valve
Foot Valve
Non-slam Check
Sluice Gate
Sluice Valve
Expansion joint

• P. Relief Valve
Direct Acting Type
Pilot Piston Type

• Safety Valve

• Strainer
Casting Type
Combination Type
Forged Type
Welded Type

• Five Duty Check v/v

• Suction Diffuser

• Flanges

• Fittings
Forged Steel
Wrought Steel

• Gaskets
Flat & Serrated
Hollow O-ring
Metal Jacket
Ring Joint
Spiral Wound

• Pipe Coupling

• Expansion Joint
Expansion Joint
Flexible Joint
Rubber Exp. Joint
Teflon Bellow

• Rotary Feeder

• Actuator
AUTOP Electric
NOAH Electric

• Centrifuge