Products Introduction


With now more than 40 years of experience in development, design and production of side loaders, company Baumann is recognized as a leading supplier in this field.

Since 1969 Baumann produces, in his plant in Cava ion, side loaders for our worldwide customers, using high quality components and an effective and specialised manufacture.
Thanks to a qualified Sales and After Sales service network we can always provide professional support to our customers.
The main aim of our company is to meet your requirements and provide you with a satisfactory product. Baumann solutions are designed to give to you, your machine and your business the support needed.
3 to 7.5 ton Electric Side Loaders
3 to 7.5 ton Diesel & Gas Side Loaders
8 to 12 ton Diesel & Gas Side Loaders
15 to 50 ton Diesel Side Loaders