Products Introduction

Forklift Sweeper EASY CLEAN

No hydraulic connection needed to drive forklift sweeper !!! Industry : The EASY CLEAN forklift sweeper has one great feature : the main brush is driven without any power take-off or hydraulic engine. The carrying wheels are taking care of it. Concerning the forklift trucks, the lateral brush is driven by an electric engine powered by batteries located on the sweeper. Concerning the smaller loaders, you just need to connect the hydraulic engine of the lateral broom to the telescopic arm. The sweeper for forklift truck is equipped with a 200 l capacity collecting bucket, able to hold up to 200 kilos of waste. The emptying of the forklift sweeper bucket is hydraulic controlled. Main strength • Simple and sturdy sweeper • Very fast linkage to a front lawnmower and tractor front lift (less than 5 minutes) • Perfect sweeping quality for any kind of waste (gravels, sands, mud…) • Collecting capacity of 200 Kg A 200Kg capacity for a 200 l volume !! Sweeper with a compensation for play device The broom in contact with the ground gets worn down, which reduces the sweeping efficiency. To increase the life-length of the broom, you just have to turn two screws at the same time to give back a few millimetres length to the brushes.