Products Introduction


Palazzani The Company Palazzani was born in 1935, from a small workshop which began manufacturing agriculture equipment. In 1954, first Earth Moving Machines were produced, a range of hydraulically operated 4WD Wheeled Loaders, excavators and cranes. The positive feedback from the market allowed the Company to enlarge and progressively differentiate its manufacturing field.

In 1980 Palazzani became a joint-stock Company and transfered all operations to the headquarters in Paderno Franciacorta (BS). At the same time Palazzani started production of their renowned Aerial Platforms. Since then, Palazzani has two manufacturing divisions: Paload – for Earth Moving Machines and Palift – for Aerial Platforms. Paload earth moving machines are customer focused, high quality, productive. The range composes of innovative wheeled loaders, providing optimum performance and maximum output combined with high comfort, and the hydrostatic backhoe loaders, highly appreciated for their versatility and available in 4WS and articulated chassis models. Paload machines are considered as real multipurpose products, adapted to operate in the most demanding environments in a wide range of applications, thanks to the large selection of optional equipment (blower, mixer, mill, shredder, rotating brush, grabs, buckets, blades, hammers, drills, etc.).
WHEELED LOADERS The new Skyline range offers innovative solutions, performance and a modern design in every detail. All models feature environmentally friendly low exhaust emissions and noise levels. Excellent products in terms of comfort and reliability, the answer to every working requirement. WHEELED LOADERS WITH TELESCOPIC BOOM Unique in their category, thanks to the double telescopic boom, patented by Palazzani. An efficient solution to reach high unloading heights with a compact, manoeuvrable and high performance loader. BACKHOE LOADERS The backhoe loaders range is divided in two lines: compact models with 4WS rigid chassis and bigger models with an articulated chassis. The articulated chassis available on the high-end range allows the backhoe loaders to be a real loader in front and an excavator in the rear. The engine is positioned under the cabin, for an excellent allround visibility and optimal weight balance on the axles, gives top stability and light and fast operative cycle. Powered by hydrostatic transmission, Paload backhoe loaders are considered multipurpose machines, for the waste range of optional equipment which can mount. After-sale The timely and professional service is guaranteed by the wide network of dealers and authorised Paload and Palift workshops. Palazzani dealers are constantly updated on products, offering full support in order to keep all machines fully functional and to provide solutions for any technical intervention. SPARE PARTS Palazzani distribution network extends throughout the Country to ensure the timely supply of all necessary spare parts. TRAINING For reasons of safety and professionalism, Palazzani plans training courses for its customers and dealers.