Products Introduction


Development  means moving in one direction, that is upward

SWF was founded in Germany in 1921.

SWF company is a subsidiary of Finland’s Kone Crane Company, the products of this company have been known for their high performance and quality all over the world.

Mehrizan Industrial Development Company has been the official representative of SWF overhead cranes in Iran since 2000.

This company is one of the leading global players in the industry of cranes and lifting equipment. this company always and everywhere rightfully claims to produce products of the highest quality and standards.

Production of resistant equipment with elegant and beautiful appearance, flexibility of the production line, smooth movement systems and production of anti-explosion equipment are special features of this company.

The main products of this company are:  wire rope hoists up to 250 tons capacity, chain hoists up to 20 tons capacity, crane parts, modern light crane systems, pneumatic hoists, control systems, etc.